Hi, I’m Ethan.

A 18 year old programmer from Ireland. I make Software and Games.

About Me

Hi I'm Ethan Conneely, an Irish software developer.

I enjoy creating interesting and useful applications for people. Wether that is a pc game, mobile game or helpfull software. I plan on studying software development in collage over the comming years.

Here are a few technologies i have worked with in recent times:

  1. C#
  2. C++
  3. Java
  4. Visual Studio
  5. Git
  6. Web


I make many projects in a variety of different languages and using many different libraries and engines. I have a list of all the libraries, languages and game engines I have used over the years below.


Asteroids clone made in Monogame framework using C#.

Go to Asteroids

Hyper Hop

Mobile game released for Android and iOS. Made in Unity using C# language.

Go to Hyper Hop


Simple snake clone made in P5 in javascript, it runs directly in the bfade-in rowser here. Give it a go.

Play Snake
Open All Projects


Most of the projects I work on go here. I like sharing source code so anyone can have a poke around and even if they want point out flaws or improvements.